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Founder and President of Just for Peace International Eugene Pitter a Jamaican National a Spanish Town  based organization promotes Love, Peace, Unity and Discipline in Schools and Inner City Communities. Just for Peace International is one of the many international branches of Universal Peace Federation. For over 12 years Mr. Pitter  has been impacting marginlized community youths. Utilizing Music and Dance, integrated with personal development, high risk youths are converted in positive role models and leaders in their respective commnities.
Just for Peace programmes includes peacebuildings skills, leadership, violence prevention and interruption, conflict resolution, anger management and UN and UNICEF Certifications.  Turning these one troubled youth into a community leader,  Love, Peace, & Unity Builder, and a Just for Peace recuiter.

Just for Peace International uses music and dance to attract the interest of the highest risk young people and then keep them engaged. The youth are then introduced into self development, community leadership,  love, peace, unity and discipline progammes and eventually Just for Peace, UN, UNICEF Certification. All which transform a once troubled youth into a loving, peaceful, disciplined, and society contributing individual.

Just for Peace efforts also include rehabilitation for juvenile offenders and using music and dance and programmes to encourage non criminal behaviour and non violence.

Just for Peace in Association with Jamaica Invasion are collaborating efforts and Resources to facilate many events and programmes throughout Jamaica and Internationally. Such as School Tours, Back To Events, Live Concerts, Summits, Workshops, and Career & Employment Programmes and much more. Please Check the Events Calender to Stay up to Date and to Purchase Tickets or If you would Like Jamaica Invasion's Jamaica Ambassadors to your Country/Community.

Jamaica Invasion

Some of the main Initives of Just for Peace are:  Back to Events to supply necessary school items for needy  children, Support and reinforcement for  Fatherless children whom  lost their fathers due to murder,  and Jamiaca Invasion in assocation with Just for Peace Tour  which incorporates agencies and public services to offer support and solutions for youth populations.

Main Focus Music, Dance, Education, Employment/Training, Youth Anti Crime/Violence, Youth Leadership; and Support resources.


Just for Peace International has recieved a commendation letter by the Govern General of Jamaica Sir Patrick Allen for the recognition  of the  impact of  their efforts in promoting love, peace, unity & discipline in the schools of Jamaica.

Just for Peace International has also recieved a commendation letter by the High Commissioner of Trinidad & Tabogo to Jamaica for the outstanding work with hte youth over the years.

Just for Peace has won the award Ambassador for Peace by Universal Peace Federation while a member of Just for Peace a simiular award Dr. Garth McDonald aka Shaka Pow.

Mr. Pitter has perviously won 3 Caribbean Journalist awards. Two  for Outstanding Journalist and one for Best Youth Journalist.

Mr.  Pitter has a Baclerlor of Arts Degree English. His Dream is  to win a Noble Peace Prize.

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